What do I do about my ball gown?

What do i do about my ball gown?

Months ago, I accepted a free ball gown/formal dress because I'm not the pushy sort and wasn't going to turn down the offer. It's a nice dress, don't get me wrong! Grateful to have a dress. My younger sister, however, is really picky and wheedled her way into getting my mom to rent her a huge, elaborate ball gown. What do I do to keep from fading into the background in my navy blue dress when my whole family is going to be in brighter and lighter colors?
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Thanks, everyone! The ball went great! Wore my hair up in a braided bun updo with white flowers, and I actually got an antique silver necklace that shimmered in the light once I polished it to a shine. :) vintage stuff, after all, was encouraged. No stilettos... Just kitten heels, but that was plenty high enough for me, haha. Got asked to dance like the whole time! :) thanks for the advice!
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a lovely hairstlye alongwith a nice pair of stilettos and extra dazzling jewellery would do good.
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Make sure your shoes and jacket are extra sparkly.
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Wear sparkly jewelry or create a fantastic hairstyle. There is a lot you can do to "stand out" and as long as you're having fun, that's all that matters. :)
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Sometimes less is more so don't worry I know how u feel. Your dress may b simple but u can still work it especially if it has a nice shape. Look carefully for shoes maybe silver or navy blue w different colors. Get a realy nice hair style that stands out hun n get some awesome make up tips that pull it all together. The ball dress I had was black w sparkles..I was worried too but at the ball every one loved it including me.
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