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What colour/s would you get your bridesmaids to wear?

I've been to 3 weddings so far, and all the bridesmaids have been wearing:
Strapless light purple, long dresses
One shoulder, deep blue long dresses

And personally, it clashed really bad with the flowers ...XP What colours would you wear to your wedding?? What would you make your bridesmaids wear?? ^^ Just Curious =)
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maybe a navy because that goes with everything
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Hmm, not sure yet. Since black is my favorite color I think I would have to go with that, but maybe in silk or something elegant so it doesn't look like a funeral!
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i luv blood red or black or white these 3 colors looks best [i think]:D.
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How gorgeous is this jumpsuit:
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Recently, I attended an ALL WHITE WEDDING. It was so beautiful & incredible; very peaceful/serene to look at. EVERYONE wears WHITE-including the guests. The flowers are white, the doves are white. If you like my idea with the bridesmaids wearing silky jumpsuits-you could go with white jumpsuits, with a cream or off-white bow tie & cumberbund. Personally, I think it would be fun to pick out the material at a sewing store & have a seamstress make them exactly the way I wanted them. Let's face it, bridesmaids dresses are kind of a waste of money. Whereas, a beautiful jumpsuit could be worn for years & years to Christmas parties, out on the town, etc.
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I love greens, blues and whites so i would probably have a mixture of them for my bridesmaids.
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Personally I like these color so much. Surely I would want to wear one of these, the light violet or the light indigo, or the pink. So hard to choose!
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ooohhh my gosh my lecturer wore the same dress o her wedding the second post of depressed girl but like the second dress the red and black only hers was purple and black but like it looked totally black i loved it lol with sords and stuff lol
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Dark brown eyes, light skin, dark short straight hair
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