blue velvet wedges

What can i wear with my wedges?

i got these new wedges, i have a really current style i like to stick to the trends, im 16 and 5'6.
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a white lace top, with a colour cardigan that matches your shoes then go for a browny, sandpaper colored denim shorts with again a colour belt that matches your shoes, or maybe a body con dress with your hair in an updo keep the accessories to min, and try keeping your hair curly in the updo.
or wear a checked shirt dress preferably yellow and blue to go with your shoes, then on top wear a biker's jacket on top of waist, longed arm, and skinny navy blue jeans !! hope my advice helps x
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Here is an example of a vintage look that you can base around these wedges! Shorts and a cream coloured blouse would look great too! I hope you like it xxx
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You can wear it with so much. You can wear with a cute pair of dress shorts and a tucked in button down. Or, a dress above the knee or skinny jeans and a cute tank and vest. So many options!
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i would wear a cute pink/peach/yellow/white sundress a blue purse and sunglasses (:
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Oh and a romper just like the pic goodfaith sent you.
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A white mini or pencil skirt and a blue tube top with a white cardi would look amazing, btw the shoes look very stylish!
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Wow I like your taste in shoes! ^_^ Try with a black or white skirt; or maybe a blue playsuit/romper or browny one. You could go with a blue-white-red look as well =) Skinny jeans (probably black would be best;) would also look pretty cool!! =)
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A little dress or jumpsuit would look gorgeous....
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