What can i do to improve whit out looking fake? this is my best 1 and the model look real? plz hlp!!

Don't want to fake of a wig. what wig will support different face cuts. how much makeup can I apply??
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i think the lips should be a pink shade...because from what i learned you either want to make the lips or eyes the main focus of the picture..so if u want the lips 2 stand out tone down the eye makeup...and vise versa. i also think the hair color should be either black, ash brown, or dark brown..hope i helped:D
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Hmm I think your on the opposite spectrum of your natural beauty! Yes, the blonde bombshell and alot of makeup can work on specific people but for the everyday girl I don't think it works so well. (Personal opinion!). I think I would start with adding some caramel or warm tones to your dark? hair. When applying makeup think of the look you want. Take it step by step and make sure you don't over do it!
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The hair style's alright but you need to choose a hair colour that suits your skin tone and eyebrows, I suggest dark browns or black and the lipstick and eyemakeup is too heavy try to go for more natural colours. :) x
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I think you need a different hair color. I would try more of a brown and then tone down the eyes/lips a bit. Try that and we can give you some tips. The cut is actually very nice....the red lips are clashing with the hair and eyes. Deepen the shade of the hair. Have Fun!
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Im the 1 who asked it
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oh yah I'm a com geek and added a few extra things (shirt etc.)
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In her 20's

Blue gray eyes, fair skin, ash blonde medium (shoulder) wavy hair
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