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What can i do about shoes that chafe?

I love my new shoes, but they chafe the tops of my heels like crazy. I've tried adding the "Heavenly Heelz" padding, but it's still chaffing. I don't have the option to wear thicker socks because I purchased shoes that were just right, or so I thought...

I'm stuck with these now, because most stores have a no blood stain return policy. What can I do?
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I think the Dr. Scholl's pad would work better, not sure though. Otherwise, give it some time and you'll adjust to the pain. However, I don't suggest that at all. I have callous on the sides of my feet due to chafing and that's because I refused to buy a different pair of shoes. :(
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Ouch! I would try the shoe pads from Dr. Scholls.......or have them stretched a bit.
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Thank you for your suggestions!

@Kriegman I will look into getting some cloth tape, but that sounds like adding canvas to the inside of my shoes --ouchies. Along the lines of callous build-up, I will try to wear these shoes daily until they start to hurt and swap them out to build up my resistance to pain.

@Oleung I think I am using similar pads, and oddly it still is rubbing away at my heels.
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Two suggestions:
1. Bring them to your local cobbler, who might be able to stretch it a bit where it's tight.
2. Put a little cloth tape in the spot on your foot that's rubbing. In the short term, it'll protect your foot but in a bit of time you'll get light callous build up and will have also broken in the shoe.
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I suggest checking Rite Aid for Dr. Scholl's. They sell pads that can fit on the side and the back of your shoes.

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