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I have an interview this Monday with a Cosmetic Surgery Center. I am applying to the Physician's Assistant position they have open. The staff is comprised of a younger crowd(20's and early 30's) I have been going crazy trying to figure out what to wear. I have been in school so long, wearing scrubs everyday, I don't know what people are wearing to interviews these days. It's almost summer and I would like to wear something other than "black," and still look professional. Also I can't wear heals because I have a bad back, so I was thinking boots. Let me know your thoughts. If you select a suit, could you please give me some thoughts on how you think the whole look should come together. For example: gray suit, navy shell underneath,etc.


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Soft Gray Ann Taylor Pant Suit
White Kasper Skirt Suit
Beige Tahari Pant Suit
Navy With Cream Trim Kasper Suit

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@GoodFaith I never even thought of that. I have had those suits for several years before I injured my back and have always worn them with heels. I just tried them all on, like you advised me to, and the only one that will work is the Kasper skirt suit. The rest will be covering my shoes and dragging on the ground. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. This comment has been removed.
More important than the suit color- is the fit. I would suggest putting on each of these suits, and then standing in front of a full length mirror. If you've been in your scrubs for a long time, these suits may fit differently than they once did. Wear the one that fits the best all the way around, including the length. Since you won't be wearing heels, ask yourself if the suit will be too long. Probably most important, pay attention to your posture. That will make or break, what you look like. This comment has been removed.
@RoryGautsche These shoes are way cute, but my spine is fractured and I can't wear anything like that. This comment has been removed.
@RoryGautsche This comment has been removed.
I think these shoes would look so cute with a gray pant suit! This comment has been removed.
I would do the gray Ann Taylor suit....I think pant suits look sharp and trendy, perfect for a cosmetic surgery interview. You could do white, cream, black shell underneath and maybe an oxford type shoe. Boots would be fine too. Good luck! This comment has been removed.
Can't go wrong with Ann Taylor This comment has been removed.
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