Tips on caring for expensive swimwear

I bought a really expensive bathing suit that I love, but I hate that the color seems to be fading out, even though I rinse it after swimming. Have you found any tricks that work?
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hmm good question try washif it by hand with body soap if it doesnt bring the color back then u could BUY A NEW BATHING SUIT i suggest you buy roxy bathing suits off amazon but the bathing suit i know will keep its color for a good long time is aeropostle bathing suits hope i helped ALANA
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Wash your suit with a fragrance free detergent in cold water. Then put it through the rinse cycle with a cup of white vinegar. That will hold the color into the suit(it works for Easter eggs, right?). Then I would start washing your suit with a product called Swimwear detergent from
It works really well to keep your suit looking like new!
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