Tell me what type of clothes appeal to men?

Tell me what type of clothes appeal to men?

I want to know what kind of color of dress or jeans etc. what do men mostly prefer in fashion for women and get attracted to. Give me some advice pics or something to let me know what type of clothing appeals to men?
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the guys I date always seem to like a sexy dress and heels
so I agree with sweet and sexy also
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Sweet and sexy! Those 2 combos together are great?
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Classy, elegant with a hint of sex appeal. I really think it's all in the hair. I would be more concerned with having a bad hair day than my outfit, personally.-& they LOVE it when you smile.
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Boys or men?

Boys like tight, slutty-looking short skin-tight clothes. Nothing too revealing, with one condition... Only gorilla meat-head Guidos like going on a date with a girl who looks like a hooker, and he has to punch guys out for looking at her.

Men like sophisticated well-dressed women who exude confidence, charm, and style.
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Well nothing to "open".You might attarct the wrong kind of men.Well i am not a man but a have some ideas.some cute high heels and a maxi dress.If you do not know what maxi dresses are,thay are just long dresses.Very in style.Short,stylish,dresses also work.Always accsessorize.Necklaces,belts,hats,purses.NO BAGGY CLOTHES!!I see women on the street in gross, saggy clothes and it always turns me away,so, it will probably turn men away too.So, to sum it carefull who you date and good luck:)
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