Should i get Uggs?

Should i get uggs?

Right now i have Bjorndals and they are very soft and comfortable. But Uggs are AMAZING! I know their expensive... but i want to know if they are really worth it. What i would also like to know about them from Ugg owners is How long do they last? What style do you recommend?(tall, short, bailey button, etc) Are they still soft if you spray the boot waterproofer on it? Are they really worth the money? etc. Any answers would be great! Thanks!
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Thanks guys! that really helped me! :D
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I used to get the cheap uggs and they didnt last long at all. But i got some new ones for my birthday in july, the same ones as on the picture. They still look as good as new and unlike cheap uggs they dont get really flimsy after wearing them a few times. I like tall ones the best they are really soft and comfortable. I sprayed my'n with waterproof spray and they still stayed really soft. They are honestly worth the money, hope you find some :)
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cheaper ones dont compare and wont last long.. they get thin real quick.
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aussie uggs are the BEST!! get real merino wool they are much warmer and higher quality EMU brand is great. please please dont go out in these lol have seen some scary looks aka pamela anderson. never wear em without stinky.. if you look after them they can last for years.
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I think they're pretty expensive and I bought a similar pair at Payless. I know there must be something that makes the Uggs extra special, but my less expensive ones are still pretty comfy. :)
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I'm a huge Ugg fan! I live in Colorado and wear them all the time....I have them on right now! Yes, I think they are worth the money....mine always hold up perfectly. I like the style of the ones you posted and I also like the short style. The Bailey Buttons are darling. I will say that my ribbed "sweater" looking Uggs are not quite as warm. The black sequin ones I've currently wearing are awesome, they go with everything and are super comfy and stylish! Go for it, you won't be disappointed!
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I've had mine forever, so yes they're worth the money! Also, I scotch guarded them to make them more water resistant, and they're still soft. Victoria's Secret is the best way to get them because they always have $15 off $100, and you save more money as the price of the item goes up.
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I say go for it! I've had mine for nearly nine years and have had them repaired once and they're still in pretty great condition.
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