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Hey guys, it's me again. I really need to narrow down a selection, because the interview is Monday. This is the rundown on what's in my closet right now. If none of it sounds good, then I have to go shopping tomorrow. I have a beautiful white suit, a beige suit, a soft grey suit and a black suit. I could also wear scrubs with a short lab coat. Let me give you some background info: I will be interviewing for a Physician's Assistant position, within a cosmetic surgery center. The staff is comprised of people ranging in age from 20's to early 30's. Don't just tell me to wear the beige suit, tell me what color blouse/shoes should go under it, what color jewelry to wear it with, etc. I intend to carry a camel colored portfolio. Thanks!
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I just took that black suit out my closet, and realized it is actually navy with a cream trim on the jacket. Please give me better and more thorough responses than those two that are already there. Stuff like that doesn't help much, and I really need this job. I have enormous student loan debt to pay back.
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I always stress about job interviews!! haha you want to make a really good impression and show up looking clean, fresh and proffesional :) i would say to wear the black suit with black shoes and little cute earings, with one bracelet and hair in a bun :) hope i helped a bit :) and good luck!!! :)
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