Running Shoes?

Running shoes?

Okay... i really like to run! I am going to be on a track team soon and really need some running shoes... anybody recommend some good brands/types of running shoes? Links and stores where you can get them will be appreciated.

Thanks guys!
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Nike's are probably the best brand of running shoes you can possibly get. They work the best and are very comfortable. The fitting of the shoe is very important when it comes to running shoes. If you go to your local Nike store that would be the best way for your foots sake don't purchase running shoes online. To me I think that there's no really ugly or trendy running shoes but Nike shoes work. Good luck with track team!,pwp,c-1+100701/f-4294967132/hf-10001+12001/t-RUNNING/pn-1/ipp-10
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Great question, @greenllama24! My favorite brand for running shoes is definitely New Balance. I've bought about 5 different pairs over the years and they've always been sturdy and comfortable shoes for running around the beach or hitting the gym. Here's a link to their website, as well as a picture of a very cute pair!
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For years and years, I've been getting my running shoes from I used to get the magazine and they divide them up for what sport you want them for. They have the name brands if you want to stick with a certain one, but I actually have tried different ones - like Asics - that were less expensive but turned out to be some of my faves.
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Nike has great running shoes and you can create your own on their site. However, they can be kind of expensive in general, so if you have a Nike outlet near you, I'd suggest hitting up that.
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go to dicks sporting goods
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nike 360 :)
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