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Need a new look!!!!

see my pic???? thats basically what i look like lately ive been thinking why not spice up my style a lil so u ladies plz help me out!!! so should i change makeup colors, what clothes to wear, and yea!!!!!
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thx u guys especially @BrianaEHernand!!!!! this website is the best!!!
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Wear the thickest eyeliner and mascara you can get you hands on and try some champagne colored lip gloss and try some blue eye shadow sure it will look better
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Im assuming you are asking in regards t the other picture in your photos. If so, you've got great skin and a beautiful eye shape! I would recommend using copper, bronzes and golds to enhance your eye color with a couple coats of mascara. A nice light corral toned blush with shimmer in it to act as a highlighter on the cheekbones. I would go with a nude shimmery gloss since you already have a nice tone to your lips. As for the hair, I think a medium length a little past the shoulders would be nice with longer layers beginning at the chin all around to add body and movement would look great on you. You can even a softly swept side band but keep them on the longer side so insure they don't shrink up too much. The color would look good with a dark base and added dimension using a medium caramel tone or a light coppery brown. Go heavy on the foiling to really break up the color usage. Good luck and have fun with your new look!
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