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Lip piercing?

okay, I've been contemplating getting a lip piercing for the longest time, but i'm not sure if it would look right, could i get your opinion's please? :)
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It would look good, but people get bored of them very fast and after they leave scars. I had a piercing in my eyebrow 5 years ago, and now there's a big scar, and I can't feel part of my eyebrow
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I think you should not get a piercing because it will leave scars and if not done properly can lead to infection and you will eventually get enough of it but that's a personal choice!
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You only live once ;) I think that you'd look cute with a Marilyn too! This pic isn't me btw. Got from herwanderlust.wordpress.com
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marilyn piercing
Just be certain that you want it, AND it won't interfere with your future career plans :) My friend had a lip piercing, but now she's a lawyer. She still has a black little hole from it.
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Agree fully! Maybe get a nice little nose piercing, that would look cute.
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No... you're pretty, so be happy with that. Don't get your lips pierced unless you hate your parents or something.

This just came up today as a matter of fact. I was out shopping, and this girl is walking towards me. I was going to tell her she had something on her face, but it turned out it was a piercing. It was very off-putting.
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Well....hmmm....You have such beautiful lips, I would say NO! Of course, you are very young but leave your pretty lips alone! I'm sure you will get all sorts of different opinions but the lip peircing will draw attention to just that instead of your pretty, full lips!
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