Is this dress appropriate for my academic team banquet?

I'm on an academic team at my high school, and our banquet is this week. The dress code is semi-formal or a bit more casual; the guys are wearing shirts, ties, and slacks. Does this dress match accordingly, or is it too formal? (It's from Charlotte Russe, if that matters at all.)
the pictures's kind of bad quality, so I'll describe the dress- it's black with some glitter and hits right above my knee. It has straps about an inch wide, and a cowl neck, but I'm wearing a lace edged black cami underneath. At the waist, there's a built in (elastic/stretchy) belt kind of thing with solid black studs all over it. I'm planning to wear black t-strap sandals under, and possibly feather earrings.
Thanks in advance! (:
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I think it's a great dress! Since it's black, there's less to worry about if you're slightly more formal than your peers :)
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yeah its definitly perfct choice for the banquet .........the dress is jus lovely and you can go for the sandals like d one in d picture
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I think this would be perfect and the length is exactly where it needs to be for a formal event. Great choice!
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It's perfect! Not too formal at all.....perfect with some black t-strap sandals. You can't go wrong, you'll look great!
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