I really need a new style but dont know where to start any help? thanks xx

I recently spilt with my boyfriend and want a fresh start as I realised I was only worried about what he thought I looked like . I am also going for head girl and am hoping to look more sophisticated so my make-up needs to be natural for when I'm at school . thanks so much -Molly xxx
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you are preety and young you will have all life to think about look live yours life the best is to wear what you like no matter what other say goodluck!
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I think you should let it grow to about your collar bone and add some layers beginning at the cheekbone as well as implementing a side bang on the heavier side of the parting. Once the cut is there, you can style it with loose waves for added body and movement. I think that would look precious on you. And sorry about the bf, Im sure you are better off without!
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Just made a similar recommendation, but you can always try looking at magazines for inspiration. Or better yet (since you don't have to spend money), try looking at fashion blogs on the internet. There's a ton! :)
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You could start with a few golden blonde highlights to give your hair a "fresh" look. For a natural makeup look try a loose mineral powder such as Neutrogena Mineral Sheer Powder Foundation. It's light and evens out skin tone. Try a natural cheek stain for a "pinch of color"....Benetint Cheek Stain is great. Maybelline Baby Lips in Grape is perfect for a sheer color. Sorry to hear about your boyfriend.....they'll be many more for you I'm sure!
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I'm sorry! You don't have to be worried about your looks- you're beautiful! You could try a bob! They always look really stylish! Or you could try cutting your hair about a half-inch and getting a perm :). Either way, highlights of any kind would look good on your hair! Good luck picking a style! :)
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i think maybe dying and curling ur hair will really suit you try going a dark red.
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try shaving all ur hair off. it's so much easier to take care of. its not really all
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