I am having christma eve dinner at my bf house with his family and kids, what should i wear?

I will be the hostess. Last year I wore a sweater and was super hot, big mistake.
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what about a tunic dress with leggings or tights and ballet pumps? works for any age
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maybe a cute xmas dress??? or just a dress or... idk... but remember, not too showoffskin or they will think ur a tramp... and keep it simple for them yet sexy for your boyfriend!! xoxo
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Maybe a nice shirt with flutter sleeves so you don't get too hot again and a nice pants or even jeans.
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i came here to see the answers, how awkward would that be... good luck!!
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I like the idea of a cardigan and sparkly, festive tank top underneath. Pair that with either a skirt and tights or trousers and you will be good to go!
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I would either wear cute trouser pants and a thin sweater or cute blouse. Add boots or heels. Also love the look of a sweater dress with tights and boots. The sequin tops are really stylish and could be paired with pants for a festive look!
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I agree with @designbyday . I think layers are the way to go especially if you were too warm in your sweater last year. I think being with family and friends means being comfortable so I tend to stay away from uncomfortable fabrics or fidgety silhouettes. I would go with classic boots, skinny denim (black) and an under tank with some kind of wrap. If you want to dress it up a bit then exchange the tank and wrap for a loose silk blouse.
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Christmas Outfit
If you were too hot last year in a sweater, I'd say this year you should layer. Maybe a festive tank top and a cardigan? That way if you get too warm you can take the sweater off. It's always good to have options!
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