this is a girl at school

How to break this 2 unpopular girl

c there is this really unpopular girl at school whos nerdy but c how pretty i made her with virtual makeover??? how should i tell her how pretty she can be??? if only i could give her a makeover......then shed be really sure shell agree 2 the makeover but how 2 tell her shes kinda should i do it??? the makeover i mean
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Your friend has to care about improving her appearance. So it will be a battle to try to convince her to improve her looks - and it can take a lot of time.

At one time I used to be a nerd myself who did not care much about my appearance. As a male I would have never imagined back then of logging into TAAZ and trying some virtual makeovers and asking for advice.

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That's a stock image from TAAZ, isn't it? I am guessing you are speaking of a person other than the one in your makeover. Pretty doesn't make you popular, and popular doesn't make you special. Just be her friend and accept her as she is. She'll let you know if she wants a change and if you can help.
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i think you should start hanging out with her and eventualy when u are better friends with her, then ask if she wants a makeover, and suggest different makeup, and ideas to make her better looking. and give her a makeover so that she can see how the makeover helps.
i hope i helped!!
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make it out to be a slumber party or a sleepover and you can give her a makeover then. whatever you do don't tell her you think she is ugly be nice and friendly
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Unfortunately I can't edit my former comment. I was a bit to self-congratulatory. So here it is take 2:

If a virtual makeover can make this old geezer of a man pushing 60 years of age (meaning myself) look somewhat presentable, a sweet young lady who has a lot more potential to look great might benefit from some enhancements. After all, for everybody there is room for improvement.
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I guess one thing I might say is "Let's try some things since you never know how beautiful you could look with some simple things".

Look at me - a man who is pushing 60 years of age that can be virtually made over courtesy of TAAZ and look half way decent if I'm not bragging on myself too much.

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just show this how she look. she will be definetely agree with u that make over can change alot
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You are sweet to do a makeover on her but I wouldn't say anything to her about her looks or being "ugly". I'm sure she would be popular with a good personality too! Maybe just tell her about Taaz! It's this fabulous website that is so much fun.....maybe she'll take a peak and play around on the "Makoever" tool!
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In her 20's

Dark brown eyes, light skin, darkest brown long (past shoulder) wavy hair
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