How should i style this dress for a wedding?

I’m wearing this dress to a wedding and want to dress it up a little with shoes and accessories. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Simple , light make-up will do , chunky jewellery , heels , a pearly-coloured purse & you're ready .
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With this type of dress, the accessories and jewelry really go a long way. I think gold jewelry would be a great pairing. Chunky chain bracelets and large cocktail rings would be gorgeous. You can also add a statement necklace to offset the v-cut neckline!
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you should wear chunk jewelry with this dress but not too much! a nice long necklace with nice studs... a loose updo, silver stiletto heels and silvery makeup! like silver eye-shadow and plum pink lipstick and a nice side thin long party bag that's a little in brown color!
go with it and look glamorous at the wedding
i hope i helped enjoy!! :D
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Tru00e8s mignon! Je vous conseille vivement avec cela! : D Du00e9solu00e9, j'ai oubliu00e9 que je a u00e9tu00e9 d'utiliser le franu00e7ais ..... ici: Very cute! Definitley go with that! :D
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You guys rock!! I love all of the suggestions :) I can't wait to go accessory shopping now!!
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Statement ring and earings, no neckless at all. Real black open tip toe shoes, nothing fancy but medium high heels , a small black but strong clutch and hairs an updo, something stict and austere. Nude stockings and nude make up. Maybe a little purpe eyeshadow and brownish eyeliner. Brownish lipgloss too. The sum is playfull and balance the promiscuity of the dress. It should make a formal appearence.
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Love the dress but a tip: If ya show a lotta leg, keep it modest up top.
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I'd wear a nude color pair of heels and keep your makeup simple but add a statement necklace.
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choose something bright to go with it- like candy pink heels with maybe a subtle necklace and a statement ring, with a clutch the same color as your dress:)
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I have these earrings from Nordstrom and I love them.....they would be perfect with this dress. The shoes in the photos below are all from Nordsrtom.
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