Mini denim skirt

How short a skirt would be acceptable for me?

First of all I am in my late 50's, almost 60, and my daughter keeps telling me that I should wear shorter skirts. Most of mine are knee length or slightly above the knee and she thinks I should go much shorter. All my friends claim I look much younger that my age but I still usually dress very conservatively. Would this be too short for me. Please help. I kinda like the idea of going back in time for me and wearing a mini.
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I think that if you are going to go short you should save the short skirts for dressy occasions..
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i think you should stick with what you like and what you're comfortable with. if you like to dress conservatively, maybe save your "flashiness" for bold colors or chunky jewelry. Slightly above the knee I think is a good look on most. To the knee usually makes legs look stumpier. don't worry though, it's not about your age really, i've seen girls in their 20s who shouldn't wear those minis either!
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Stacy London, from "What Not to Wear," says no miniskirts after 35--and I'd stick to this rule. I do think you can get away with a few inches above the knee, and even a bit shorter with opaque tights or leggings. However, I would steer clear of super short skirts with bare legs.
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I do think that dressing age/occasion appropriate is key. To be sexy and to show of your good looks you don't need to show too much skin. I agree with some of the girls here that this particular skirt may be too short. Going with a skirt that is 3-4 inches above the knee is a good option =)
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How about pairing it with leggings? That way you can wear a mini and still be relatively conservative!
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I think that knee length or slightly above the knee is a good skirt length for your age, however it's up to you. :)
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i supose - in the end is a matter of menthality- and age- even we have beauty legs- i cant imagen a woman after 40- with such a skirt- as in the irini-s photos- ya- ill go like this- just that i dont like no kind of skirt- so- do it- and feel great - really !
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I agree with the other girls who said that if you have the legs, of course you can wear it :)
here's my suggestion with a pic >
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it dindnt post the rest sorry! : the one in the pic is waayyy to short and if you have the legs for it t then go for it!!! show them off! LOL
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Hello, It is nice to see someone here in my age group ! I think if you have the legs for it, then it is fine, This skirt tlength looks a little too short. I like the idea of wearing tights with a shorter skirt. I am tall and have very long legs and feel comfortable in a skirt no more than two to three inches above the knee. One might associate the short skirt with very young people, so choosing the right blouse, jacket, and accessories is very important to keep from looking like you are wearing clothing for a teenager. The most important thing is to be confident and comfortable in the clothes you are wearing.
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