How old do I look?

How old do i look?

Haha, stealing this question from someone else who happened to steal it from someone else ;) Beginning a little chain here, wouldn't you say so? Anyway, I'd like to know your opinion of how old I look like. Thanks! <3
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Wow! This is you! This photo is absolutely gorgeous! Even though the question was already answered and I know you're seventeen, I think you could get away being in your early twenties. You are absolutely beautiful in this photo; so glamorous!
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Sometimes it's so cool ^^i look older than my real age too and i'm a little tall, most of my friend are like me ,so when we hang out together we attend to Nightclub restricted to teenager,,, i just pretend that i'm an adult and i have forgot my ID and it's work very well :D but i hate it when my mom tease me and say i will become an old lady before my 20 year big sister(she's 2years older than me and people allways think that it's me the big sister, when i was 14 i was like yeaaah it's me the boss lol! but now it really piss me of mainly when i tell people the contrary and they keep insisting.
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I would say about 17.
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Aww thanks Lil! :) Haha I'm 17, do you think it's good to look a little older?

Nice photo korneliq, you're very pretty!
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