How much must i weigh to have a perfect body....Im 1.64 high

How much must i weigh to have a perfect 1.64 high

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Don't worry about the size and weight you are. Someone who's perfect on the outside has errors on the inside, and someone who's perfect on the inside has errors on the outside.
I really wouldn't depend the 'perfect body' on your weight because different people have denser bones than others, which would add to their weight, and yet they are no bigger than others who weigh less. The perfect weight for you is when you feel you look like you have the perfect body. Stay confident - your body gives you confidence, but the shape of it isn't everything, and sorry about the rant! x
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I agree with @sweetfeet70. 55-60 kg is a healthy weight for you :)
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no such thing as "the perfect body". Sorry to say...if you are always look at someone else's body, you never see the beauty in you. The perfect body is the one you feel good in. I know it sounds like a clicha but it is true! When you stop looking for perfection and start living to the fullest you find that you are truly happy!
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