How do i make my shoulders look "smaller"?

Im a tall girl and sometimes I get this feeling of being "masculine". Especially in summer when the "thin shoulderstraps" comes around. I always wear t-shirts because of my shoulders. How can I make them look smaller and more feminine?
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try to wear tops like these:
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ASOS - scallop neck top
Keep your back straight always because good posture makes your shoulders seem less masculine then :) Also let your hair grow out longer because there is nothing worse than having a tall girl with short hair (Above the shoulders) It should be at your shoulder length, but preferably a few inches below the shoulders. I have broad shoulders, too
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I think you should let your hair grow longer, it will cover part of the shoulders if it will make you feel more feminine. I think you are very pretty and you should feel confident.
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Whatever you do, don't slouch as a solution. I think it's one thing to look feminine, but another to look demure. Go for silhouettes that naturally emphasize your feminine figure, perhaps avoid two-piece outfits that have a hard break at the waist which can look like a mens' shirt and pants? Also, the more sexually ambiguous look can be fun to play with, creating an interesting counter-play between feminine lines and masculine attire.
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Thank you so much for the answers and tips! Everyone is so nice :)
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I don´t think you have broad sholders They look very apropriat too me Othervise you can choose light blouses with short sleeves
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Try an all over spray tan. The golden darker skin will create the illusion of smaller shoulders. But honestly, you're a beautiful girl. If I were you, I would consider modeling.
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Its so funny that no matter who you are, there is always we don't like about ourselves. Unfortunately I don't have a remedy to disguise more broad shoulder blades but if its any consolation, I think you are drop dead gorgeous! I hardly doubt anyone would even notice what you are talking about. Your stunning face is destruction enough to take the focus off your shoulders.
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Top I attached is from Bebe....
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Try a solid color top with a soft scooped neckline and draped shoulder. The top in your profile picture is good too.....bring the attention to the décolletage and chest.
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