How could i make these shorts?

I think these are just adorable but I'm not quite sure how to go about making them.
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Theses shorts are pretty damn HOT!
And well you would either get some shorts that are already (Hotpant) shape. or cut them to this shape. And simply dip dye the shorts in to the dye you have chosen, and let in soak up through the material and do a different colour on top. You could also but an (aztec/navajo) print material and cut it to fit around the pockets and hem, hand stitch it on. Then score the hem with scissors, to loosen the fibres of the material and then machine wash so the hot water frays the hem:) Hope this helps..x
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Just looking at it, these are an old pair of jeans, someone turned into cut offs. Then they took a utility scissor and cut wide side slits into them-then cut those in half and crisscross stitched them.
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I was thinking of more of a DIY project, but thanks for the idea, too (:
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Go to Craigslist & find a seamstress in your neighborhood & she will make them for you for a few bucks.
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