beauty galore!!!

How can i get this look when i look like my profile pic???

i just think itd be perfect for a hollywood-themed dance im going 2! need makeup help, clothes, everything! style me girls!!
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YES! love the style...the hair and the red lipstick combination is absolutely darling and perfect for this look.
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well for make-up, the bright red lipstick you could probably get from your mum :) or shoppers drug mart, and same with other make-up that you need. for the eye colour, you could get coloured contacts. (my friend has them and they are REALLY cool) and the hair if you want perminant, then dye yuor hair and cut it, but a wig can be found at costume stores. i hope i helped! :)
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Hmm... If you're thinking Hollywood, Think bigger and better. With Your Profile, it says you have very long dark brown hair. Maybe soft curlls? And with your eyes, since they are brown and smokey eyes go oh so well with brown eyes, do like a really intense smokey eye, with greys and purples. With your lips, maybe a dark red and blush, mauve pink.. :) Hope It Goes Well <3
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