how can i get a new look?

How can i get a new look?

I really want a new look but don't really know any trends. I live in the country and everyone at my school pretty much wears jeans and hoodies. I want to look different than them! please help!
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I would try different looks on the makeover tool to see what you feel comfortable in. Post your favorite choices so we can give you input. As for fashion advise, its really hard to say because thats really up to the individual. I would suggest scanning magazines and finding out your likes more and coming up with an inspired unique looks of a combination of all you favorites you come across.
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I love going to magazines for inspiration. Obviously high-fashion pieces can be expensive to afford, but you can always mimic and find budget-range clothing seen in magazines! Good luck!
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Try some colored jeans....they are very trendy right now and perfect for school. Red, hot pink, yellow, green....try something colorful! A fun, new hairstyle works too. Try a low side braid or ponytail. Try the "Makeover" tool for some great ideas!
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well now it is coming up to summer you dont want to be wearing what everyone else is wearing try observing different celebs who you like and merging clothes to form a new fashion trend. In addition to this, do not go to over the top as you dont want people thinking that you look like a clown. You need to look casual but cool at the same time.
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