how can i dress more grown up, I get comments that i dress like a little girl?

How can i dress more grown up, i get comments that i dress like a little girl?

i am 50, busty, small waist and long shapely legs and want to dress better
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I recommend collars. They're in fashion now, and maybe even a nice lace top with a camisole underneath would compliment you. Your figure sounds hourglass, almost like the 50s, so I think long skirts that kinda flare, polka dots and sweaters are good.

I recommend plain and simple rather than detailed. Sometimes this can really add to your look than complicated detail in each piece of clothing.

Shoes: Flats, try some bright colours!! My sister has these beaut ruby red flats with a bow at the end. Simple, yet they brighten and stand out. Leopard is also a nice touch, and I saw these fabulous black sequinned flats with gold near the toes. Gorgeous!!

A nice outfit that I recommend is a short, plain black dress (or long plain black shirt,) and a long and thick green scarf, a smaller leopard scarf over the top leopard flats. Classic!! Neat and sweat, stylish too.

If animal isn't really your thing, try

They have a neat range of styles, new and trendy too. I think they would suit you!!

I hope that I've helped =)
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Try shopping at places such as Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, Nordstrom.....You sound like you have a great figure so wear clothes to fit your body but avoid skirts that are too short and tops too tight. Do you need ideas for work or everyday?
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As your upper body is heavy avoid tops or dresses that have too much detailing on the chest, as this will look more busty. You can try knee lenght dresses that will show your long sharp legs. you can use belts that will enhance your waist.
Hope this will help you.
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