Has anyone signed up for shoedazzle?

I've heard so much about ShoeDazzle. Has anyone ever signed up for it? Is it really as customized as people claim it is? I also hear it's quite addicting. Any tips for keeping a ShoeDazzle addiction under control?
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It's addicting alright. I've been a member for a while and have gotten 4 pairs of shoes off them. I pay close attention to the user ratings and only purchased shoes rated 4 or higher out of 5. This strategy paid off and all pairs of shoes were surprisingly comfortable despite being high heels. I wouldn't say it's very customized. They give you about 20 styles in your Showroom every month. Some styles are quite out-there, but they do offer a wide selection. If you find yourself having trouble refraining from buying more than you need, try to check only once a month when they refresh your Showroom so you don't get tempted...
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I thought it was pretty lame, and no- it did not match my style at all. I hate animal print, and it kept showing up! And the prices are in the $300+ zone
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