Formal dress: blue/polkadots

I want to be a little different and when i saw this one i was like omg its gorgeous i want it! what do you think about the polkadot dress? <3 thanks!
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I love the dress! I like the contrast between the two different fabrics, really eye-attention type. Although, depends on the occasion you're wearing this dress to whether it'd be suitable or not. Regardless of that, I think it's very well designed and composed!
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the polkadots are infashion now a days in every country,ummm,i can say somehow!
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I like your fashion bravery. I don't think I could pull off that dress, but if you love it - you should get it! :)
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It's cute! Is it for some formal event? I think it'd be cute for some sort of special occasion...but maybe too formal for a casual event. But it's really your call, if you feel you can pull it off, they I say go for it!
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It's a wild print, but if you really want it and will wear it, then I think you should. It's pretty, just not something I think I could wear.
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It definitely makes a statement, so if you're bold enough to wear it, I think you should! Polka dots are in this season and this is a fun take on the trend.
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If you have that kind of reaction to a dress, then I say yes, go for it! I love the design of it.
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It's really cute! Love the colors and cut! Pair it with some strappy black heels and a turquoise blue pedicure! Darling!
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You're right that it's very unique. Not many dresses come in polka dots! If you want to stand out this would be a great dress for you.
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