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Fashion panic. i need help!

Right. I'm going to a party soon and it's my boyfriend's friend's party and I need a new dress. And I'm hoping that I can use this dress for another function :) I don't want anything to fancy so I'm hunting through River Island - my favorite shop :) So I'm gonna give you guys a few options and I will happily take all suggestions. I can't do strapless and I'm not fond of halterneck so HIT ME! Take care guys <3 Thank you!




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i like number it's pretty!!
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Number 3! It's pretty and black is never wrong if you're not sure what to wear!
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You had me at pink peplum. Two great spring trends and I clicked on the link and the two-toned look makes it look fresh and pretty. It's classy and sophisticated and can be worn several other places - summer weddings, graduation, pretty much anywhere.
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Hey, honestly I like all of them, but I found another dress I'd thought you'd might like, and its River Island :) And there are endless choices to wear this.
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Blue Lace :P
Cant go wrong with black lace!
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Ummm i don't really know but i think u would be good in bright colors. u should look a this dress i found.
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i like number three the most, number two seems too dark and number one is i think a little too summer/spring for the weather we r having today... have fun 2night!
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Number 3 deffo! it looks sweet and party like and you seem slim and young i think it will suit you!
there is a river island page with nice new dresses
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