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Hey guys,
I'm going to be graduating college soon and going on my first "real" interview next week. I am not sure how I should dress? I was thinking a white suit since it's going into the summer and all. I'm not trying to look hot, I want them to see me as a professional. Any ideas about colors, styles or accessories that are in current fashion, but are also classic looks.
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Congrats on the PA, that's quite an accomplishment! Since it's a cosmetic surgery center, you have a bit more latitude - and you definitely want to look in-style. If the docs are young/hip, a white suit may work, but I wouldn't risk it - just in case. You can look trendy and hot, and still wear grey/black. But then again, what do I know - I am a guy! Good luck, tell us how it goes - and congrats again! :)
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I'm not sure that white would be the best choice. I usually opt for a black or gray pencil skirt, a nice blouse, and closed-toe heels. Accessory-wise, I'd say some nice diamond or pearl studs have a classic and polished look, and of course neutral nail polish! I found a pic online of an outfit that is similar to what I'm talking about.
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I think a white suit is not only classic but professional as well. Pair it up with a fun pop of color perhaps a light salmon for the blouse and very simple accessories like a ring and stud earrings. I would tie your hair back into a polished ponytail with some volume and softness. This is a very first day at the office appropriate outfit and doubles as professional yet still hot (which isn't a bad thing!)
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I should have mentioned what type of position/job:

I have just completed the training to become a Physician's Asst. It's an opening in a prestigious cosmetic surgery center.
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I *love* white suits so much... in fact I own three of them. But for an interview - no, no, no! An interview is you showing how well you would fit in with the company, not about how different you are, and a white suit screams different. A few suggestions:
- A skirt suit in a neutral gray, black, or navy always looks traditional and professional. Think of it as your canvas - you want the canvas to blend in.
- Always wear pantyhose on an interview. It shows you pay attention to details.
- Closed toed shoes for an interview. I don't know why that is a rule, but the interviewers I speak to always emphasize it.
- Use your accessories as the paint on your canvas, within reason. Feel free to wear a pair of earrings that is a little unusual, or a necklace that is a conversation-starter, or shoes with fun detail. But don't do all three! Just one - if you are wearing funky earrings, tone it down in the shoes/necklace, and vice versa. And please, please, please make sure there is no plastic in your accessories!
- Finally, this is more a personal preference. You will look exceptionally prepared if you come to the interview with a portfolio containing some information about the company, your resume, and your transcripts on hand, just in case they forget it or so you can refer back to it in the interview. You may never use it, but even having it on the table in front makes you look good. Invest in a good bag/portfolio to keep the papers in. It WILL be noticed.
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Hey---It's me again. Feel free to post images of anything you think is good.
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Ugh, I read this wrong. For an INTERVIEW, a suit is a good idea, but not sure if I'd wear white. Maybe a light gray if you want to go that route.
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Congratulations! A light spring dress would be perfect because it's hot underneath those graduation gowns.
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