Does where you live influence what you wear?

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Yes. Obviously if you live in a cold climate u cant go walking around in short, a tank top, and sandals!
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I think so. It was when I lived in New York that I learned the value of heels and being pulled together with a whole LOOK. Also, maybe my love for black began there? In Southern California, it's flip flops and tank tops. Cutoffs and swimsuits. I like to mix both coasts with my Midwestern upbringing to have my own style. ;)
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A little bit, I guess. I think more my age influences it. ;)
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Yes! I lived in Atlanta before moving to Denver and the fashion is very different! I dress more for the weather here.....lots of layering pieces cuz the temperature gets cold but the sun shines all the time! Atlanta was much "dressier" than Denver!
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Definitely! I think the weather has so much to do with what's in your closet :)
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Yes, The weather is a major factor, I live in the UK and it's cold here pretty much all the time, even in the summer it doesn't get very hot so I don't wear shorts, t-shirts ect. that often. Also fashion trends and clothes stores are different depending on where you live so that influences what you wear as well.
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