Does my nose piercing look bad? be honest

I know you might not want to answer but I did it myself and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I've had it for two weeks and I'm still iffy on it. Please don't judge, my parents are fine with it because it's not that big of a deal and I'm almost old enough to get one anyways.
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I think it looks good especially for doing it yourself. I'd be worried it'd get infected!
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I don't like facial piercings at all, but that's just my opinion. I think they look immature and childish.
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i'm 14 and i would love a piercing on my nose and my mom's fine about it so don't worry about judging :) the piercing loook great as u done it by ureself ! but i can;t see all ure face and give a proper comment but it looks great on ure nose
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It's hard to say if it suits you without knowing what kind of person you are, and it looks slightly higher up than other nose piercings I've seen. Other than that, it looks pretty good, and I think that it's awesome that you pierced it yourself :)
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If it were me, I would use a smaller stud- but otherwise looks fine:)
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It's hard to see the picture.....I think it looks fine. My only recommendation is to use a super tiny stud. Maybe that's what you have, it's hard to tell.
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I think it's really cute! Good job doing it yourself as well. It's a bit higher than most but as long as you never plan on putting a ring in it you should be fine.
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I actually really like nose piercings. It doesn't look bad, but I think it's important to see a professional because they can give you the best options and info.
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