Do you think i should wear?

my friend thinks this outfit is cute but i disagree. what to you think i should do, wear it or not
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i ll suggest u to wear d bottom with a bit a longer n not fitted top ... :) try makin it a bit cute by weaaring cute wedges ..:)
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no don't wear those together, it will make you look rushed, you need something plainer so eg. a plain black pencil skirt, or you could be more daring and try a creamy skirt with bright heels, pinky peaches are alot in the fashion lately, you could just buy them and try to get some with a little blue on it, newlook has recently had them
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I really love the top and bottom, but maybe not together. That necklace is fantastic!
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well no , it is not giving a very glamorous look, the colour contrast is not so happening either. You can wear the skirt with a black shimmery top ! and the t shirt with a jeans or maybe shorts
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i dont think they work well together.. try the skirt with a tight plain black shirt or maybe the shirt with a pair of skinny jeans!
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For the skirt try a black bustier top or a white long sleeve shirt with a black vest.And for the top try white or black skinny jeans.
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okay girl this is not right alright so do that shirt with some blue skinny jeans or that skirt with a strapless white shirt. ;)
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The pieces are cute separately but I don't think they work well together. A red top would look great with the skirt and the turquoise top would work with white or denim.
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I think the pieces are cute, but not together in this outfit. I would wear the top with some skinny white jeans or a white a-line skirt.
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plz help. need an answer before tommorow
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