Do i look good when i smile???

i mean 2 say dat i find myself ugly when i smile !!! my frnds & relatives r alwys lyk ur smile is nice, cute, etc..but i don't think so ...so i wanna know it from other who don't know me & will say the truth !
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Of course you look pretty when you smile. You shouldn't consider yourself ugly especially when you smile cause u dont know how others look at you and everyone always thinks that they are uglier than they are. YOU ARE NOT UGLY...
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Are you kidding? You are darling with an adorable smile!!!!
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when someone smiles others smile too! it realises happy endorphins! so yes you look nice when you smile! ha you made me smile too :D
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Absolutely. Everyone looks much better when they smile. You have a great smile. You should even try showing some teeth!
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well i'll say that no one looks bad with smile unless it is fake ......a natural smile is the best makeup for a face :) you're pretty but you look prettier when you smile
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hi you really look nice when u smile your face seems pretty especially cheeks
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