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I'm going shopping for clothes soon and I want 2 know what things are SUPER TRENDY RIGHT NOW
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I can't stress more about colored jeans. Buy some peach, blues, white and black colored jeans. They work for all seasons you just need to match them up with nice shirts. I recommend shopping at Forever 21. Even on their website it shows what's trendy and at a low price too! Happy shopping! xox
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i think coloured pants are really trendy now.. so are stripes.. but remeber that even if you want to dress with the newest trends dont be afraid to throw in a bit that personalizes the outfit to make it your own :)
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Lookie here :)
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Stripes, mixed patterns, purple, metallics, accordion skirts...
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If you're shopping for back to school, buy a few hunter green pieces- because that will be really in!!!
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