could you give some good tips

Could you give some good tips

anything and everything! Fashion,beauty, style, the whole list !
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**Beauty.....coral lips, eyes, nails. Pastel polish, bronzer, tinted moisturizers and Beauty Balms. Colored liner and lip tints.
**Fashion....wedges, maxi-dresses, colored skinny jeans, color blocking, pastels, printed skinny jeans....
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How could I forget to mention this Mega Trend for Summer? It's creamy mint and you're about to see it everywhere!!!
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Color and neon is really in right now!! Don't be afraid to wear 2 bright colors together :)
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Never forget your own uniqeness, the miracle that is you, 'n' love yourself for who you are! Don't get down on yourself for who you aren't x
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Open toe sandals with a heel are hot right now. Your fingernails should be painted a darker/different shade than your toes. Example: burgandy fingernails and nude or gold toenails. Big white purses & small pink purses, sparkly silver anchor necklaces, clip-in hair extensions; in vibrant shades (Sephora sells them) The Maxi-Dress, silk long sleeved military shirts in light pastels, one piece rompers, colored jeans, anything retro-inspired: cigarette jeans with floral prints, tie-waist gingham tops, high-waisted denim shorts, TUNICS!!! in all different styles & patterns, thicker/smaller hoop earrings, pale sparkly gold short shorts (J.Lo Collection @ Kohls), Cat-eye sunglasses-NOT BLACK-The sunglass colors that are trendy right now: earth tones, pastels, neon & grays. HAIRSTYLES: simple Updos, medium/longer bobs, braids.
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