Clothing patterns?

Clothing patterns?

I'm starting to make some of my own clothes for fun, does anyone know any good sites for clothing patterns (like the things that you cut around to make the garment) or a good way to make them? I know I could take apart old clothes and use that, but something other than that.

Also, any other tips for sewing, designing, etc. Thanks!
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Also, that good old stand by
has tons and I mean tons, of step by step how to's.
For instance, if you have an old dress & you want to turn it into a romper. If you need any assistance with something you're making, they're plenty of seamstresses on Craigslist, that can tweak your piece for a few bucks-that's what I did.
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I got into this myself, a while back & found that if you want really neat, unusual fabrics for clothes, you can find them in a home fabric store. You know, they have fabrics for curtains and ulphostory, etc. So, you get some really neat designs and fabrics that doesn't look generic at all. I was using a couple of sites that gave away free patterns. I'll have to look for them & get back to you.
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