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Can you wear brown with black?

My thoughtful mom bought me this fantastic bag for Christmas! It's perfect - the style, the size, the added jeweled embellishment. However, it's chocolate brown, which I love but most of my clothing is black. Of course, I've been carrying the bag with everything, but am I making a fashion faux pas wearing brown with black?
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I think you can do whatever you want! ;) But really though, the bag is great and is dark enough that it would blend if you were wearing something black.
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There's nothing wrong with that at all :)
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I think that it's a different story when it's an accessory. I'm not so sure about a brown shirt and black pants kinda thing.
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Not at all! I wear mostly black too but chocolate brown looks great with black....I don't think the bag needs to be a perfect "match" to your clothes, as long as it blends well. I think it's a good break from black. I carried a chocolate brown patent bag all through fall! It's a great looking bag and a perfect size!
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Totaly not! I wear brown with black quite alot! I had a brown shirt and black shorts and shoes! Don't fret! xxx
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