Can i wear leggings underneath a skirt?

I really love the leggings and skirt trend, but I'm not sure if I should try wearing the combination myself. I'm a mom in my early 30s with a couple of kids, so I'm hesitant sometimes with my fashion choices. Do you think this trendy look would be appropriate for me, maybe on a date with my husband? I'm thinking a fuller skirt, nothing too short, with black leggings. Let me know what you think!
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Absolutely! I do it all the time!
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I think it's a really cute look with the skirt especially keeping it one shade. It keeps the look trendy without being over the top.
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Yes, i oftentimes wear it with a short dress with boots! love the look
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Thanks for the advice everyone. @vamp1967: those pictures are perfect. I will study them for more ideas! :P
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Yes a tunic shirt/dress or trapeze shirt would look great with tights or leggings :)
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I think it's a cute look. I personally don't wear leggings, but if you like it you should wear it! :)
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The picture is really cute. I love the pictures that @vamp posted. I like the legging look better with a long top/tunic......My daughter who is 9 always wears skirts/leggings but not sure I would, (I'm 42). What I think would be really stylish would be black opaque tights with the fuller skirt you are talking about. I'm sure you could pull it off cuz you are cute and stylish looking.....I guess I would have to see it.....I would wear all of the styles that @Vamp pictured.
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duh!? of course you can everyone does, its TOTALLY NORMALL!!! everyone does it
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With this picture it definately is great to have this combination. But, it depends if your legs are good-shaped and if you are confident enough!! :) In this combination, it is probably best to wear a skirt that is an A4 sized paper folded in half from the knee, then it would look the best! Hope this helps!
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