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I have lots of clothes, but I'm a college student and have car payments, so its not a real good idea to spend on more clothes. Any ideas for some other options without blowing tons of money?
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Lol steal? Just don't get caught! You can also steal things and sell them? Like at platos closet, they give you money.
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invent new things dip dye ur old shorts cut fringe into ur shorts anything helps and create new outfits tht no one would hope this helped alana
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Try something like this with your old clothes..
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You can change your old clothes.. Try something like this with old clothes:
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If you sell some of the clothes that you don't like, you'll have more money to refill your wardrobe with. Also if you have an idea for a look you like, you can go to less expensive clothing stores and find something similar to it. Hope this helps!
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There are few things you can do.
1)You can sell some of your clothing on consignment.
2)Exchange your clothes online for something else. Try or
3)Have a clothes swapping party with a few friends.
4)Look through magazines & go to upscale stores to get new ideas. Perhaps you will see different ways of wearing things together, that you hadn't thought of before. The whole matchy-matchy look is out. Different patterns & styles-even completely different colors can be worn together these days.
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