Are young celebrities role models?

is there any responsibility to be role models?
are they, whether they want to be or not?
can they be forced to be a role model because they are in the public eye?

what do you think?

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Good question @maimouth!
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I think that it's not fair to judge them because they are people after all, and a lot of it is the media. We don't see how much hard work they put into their jobs as actors, singers, etc.
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Josh Farro of Paramore is on that pic? Hahaha! :P Props to whoever made this for knowing the other members besides Hayley! xP
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Since kids look at public persons' lifestyle for a sense of what's socially acceptable or desirable, their responsibility is bigger, I think :)
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I think that young celebrities are in a way forced to be role models, because whether they are an actor or singer they have fans and the majority of their fans are younger than them and as a result look up to them. So I think that actors and singers should think before they take actions, obviously they should live their life how they want to but they need to remember that people look up to them.
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