Are these platform shoes too 70s retro??

Thinking of getting these shoes, but I wasn’t sure if the thick heel was too disco?

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Idon't think there too big at all! They are super cute, original, and fashionable! And you know what retro is coming back!:)
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I'll agree with you, the heel does seem big, but it's not TOO BIG!!!! I think this is a cute pair of shoes!!!!! Overall, they're super pretty!!!!!
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I think they're super cute
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its very good if you team it with peplum blue skirt with black top strap-less. a lot of rings with a pink stone necklace will rock your outfit.. you should choose medium blue shade like navy blue.
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They are a little disco but you could still rock them if you wear them with the right outfit.
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I think there a little 70's but they are very hot..... they would look good with like a black tube skirt or a short dress that use those colors black white pink....but these shoes would only look good with the color pink the heels are not a dark bright pink or a pearl pink that would be ugly! but they would be good if you were going to a party for halloween and u wanted to be a hot retro 70's girl!! hope i helped
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They seem very '70s, but if you pair them with the right outfit, you could make them look more retro and less an anachronism.
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it depends on what you wear with them. maybe a killer black dress would be awesome! the heel looks a little thick but they are still way cute
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I think it just depends on what you wear. I think those would actually look great with a blazer and dressier shorts.
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They are cute shoes, but they are a little too much for my taste...
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