Am i pretty?

am i pretty? i dont think i am and i would like your opinion please be honest by the way i dont have any makeup on in this picture and my hair is natural too x
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thank you so much everybody, your all so lovely!xx
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yes your so beautiful love the eyes ur sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty
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Of course you're pretty! I'd love to have eyes like yours :)
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Girl, you're gorgeous! I know it's hard in today's society to look at airbrushed images of perfect girls and think that it's reality and that you have to live up to that perfection, but just remember that someone took a lot of time to make them look so perfect. You're a natural beauty, and it may not feel like it now, but as you get older you'll learn to appreciate it and embrace it. Don't ever let anyone tell you differently.
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ur naturally beautiful so many girls wish they could loook like that without makeup or doing there hair :) dont let anyone get you down and those haters are just jealous of you
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You're naturally gorgeous. And don't let any haters get you down. You don't need to be posting photos asking if your pretty, accept yourself for who you are. Your not there to please anyone, but yes. You're gorgeous x
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you're gorgeous, seriously!!! :)
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