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I will be attending a big birthday party for a close friend's "twins" first birthday. There will be lots of picture taking, that will end up on facebook, etc. I want to look nice, but appropriate. The crowd of people are "upper class" types. Any ideas?
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I stay stick with classic colors black and white, that's always my go to whenever I don't know what to wear. Don't be too formal of course since it's a babies' bday party, but a cute romper like @GoodFaith suggested or a pair of black, skinny pants and a cute sleeveless will be perfect.
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wear a plain white tee and a colored blazer. pair it up with some skinnys or a floral or tribal patterned mini pencil skirt ! accecorize with some bracelets and earrings! have fun!
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Hi Depressed-Girl, thanks for your suggestions, but these outfits are too sexy/racy for a babies birthday celebration. These outfits are more for the clubs, etc.
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A young woman such as yourself, would look very nice in a Summer romper or trendy maxi dress:
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